Making complicated simple

Copadi specialises in developing simple, beautifully designed solutions that enable transparency and effortless collaboration between life science companies and healthcare professionals

We design, build and deploy secure cloud based systems that overcome complexity. Turning problems into a competitive advantage.


We are experts in the EFPIA and ABPI code requirements for healthcare disclosures. Our knowledge and understanding provides our clients with insightful analysis and guidance to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements.

Transparency programmes

We are committed to helping our clients create simple processes that save time, improve stakeholder engagement and create possibilities.


Introducing PAYCE… Our stunning new contracting, payment and disclosure solution that transforms collaboration

PAYCE is a contracting, payment and disclosure platform that transforms collaboration between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies through an unrivalled and intuitive experience.

Our vision and perspective has pioneered the development of simple solutions that transform collaboration

At Copadi we are committed to removing complexity and transforming collaboration within healthcare by bringing together our industry experience and expertise in developing beautifully designed software.

Knowledgeable of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Our key employees have extensive experience from working within the finance, sales, marketing and analytics functions of the pharmaceutical industry. Our senior staff are familiar with and have all been trained on the ABPI code.

Experts in disclosure reporting

Our employees have led on disclosure reporting activities for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies since the introduction of named disclosure into Europe in 2015.

Excellent in software development

We code in-house and make no compromise to ensure that our solutions truly transform and remove complexity. We design software that is robust and brilliantly efficient.


Copadi follows industry leading best practices and encryption to secure data and maintain full audit logs of transactions for your assurance. Your data is of the upmost importance to us, we only work with development partners that fully comply with the NHS information governance (IG) requirements.

Meet the team behind Copadi

David Bloomfield

Managing director

"David is the former Head of Finance at AstraZeneca UK with over 16 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in both senior sales and finance roles. He has been the leading architect in the transformation of contracting and payment processes and responsible for the collection and submission of transfers of value for named disclosure."

Neil Osmond

Operations director

"Neil is a technologist with 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. He has a passion for solving problems and loves helping clients dream about what could be possible with technology."

Chris Finch

Sales & marketing director

"Chris has 17 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry having held senior sales and marketing roles at Schering-Plough. His particular expertise lies in strategic business development and the delivery of digital solutions to the healthcare sector."

Brian Norman

Chief technology officer

"Brian is an innovative technologist with over 16 years’ experience as a web developer, UX designer and software expert."

Anthony Marshall

Software & services director

"Anthony is an experienced technical architect and project manager with more than 20 years’ experience delivering advanced digital solutions."

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